Program and papers for the inaugural National Workshop of the ANU's Economics and Environment Network (EEN) 
1-3 May 2003

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  • FULL PAPERS in order of presentation, as loaded on 17 April, are below.

WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS PLEASE NOTE: if you want hard copies of any papers, please print them from these links, as they will not be available at the Workshop itself.

PUBLICATION: The papers will not be published as such, but they will remain available at this website for some months after the Workshop. Responsibility for eventual publication rests with the authors. For copies of Powerpoint or overhead presentations of papers, or discussant or Policy Forum comments, please contact the speakers direct, not the Workshop organisers.

Auctions for Conservation Contracts: An Empirical Examination of Victoria's BushTender Trial by Gary Stoneham (Department of Primary Industries, Victoria), Vivek Chaudhri, Arthur Ha and Loris Strappazon

Offset Banking - A Way Ahead for Controlling Nonpoint Source Pollution in Urban Areas by Mark Morrison (Charles Sturt University)

A Framework for Economic Analysis of Greenhouse Abatement Options by Chris Riedy (University of Technology Sydney)

The Usefulness of Aggregate Indicators in Policy Making and Evaluation: A Discussion with Application to Eco-Efficiency Indicators in New Zealand by Nigel Jollands (AgResearch Ltd, Palmerston North, New Zealand)

Corruption, Political Competition and Environmental Policy by John Wilson (University of Adelaide) and Richard Damania

Social Capital and National Environmental Performance: A Cross-Sectional Analysis by R. Quentin Grafton (Australian National University) and Stephen Knowles

Accounting for Unexpected Capital Gains on Natural Assets in Net National Product by Robert Hill (University of New South Wales)

Option Values for Reserve Water in the Fitzroy Basin by John Rolfe (University of Central Queensland) and Jill Windle

Learning in a “Basket Of Crabs”: An Agent-Based Computational Model of Repeated Conservation Auctions by Atakelty Hailu (University of Western Australia) and Steven Schilizzi

A Method for Assessing the Importance of Farm Level Capital Investment Decisions in the Analysis of Water Reforms by Rebecca Letcher (Australian National University)

Technical Efficiency Effects of Input Controls: Evidence from Australia's Banana Prawn Fishery by Tom Kompas (ABARE and Australian National University), Tuong Nhu Che and R. Quentin Grafton

Unfortunately the authors of following paper have had to withdraw:

Environmental Valuation: Damage Schedules by Euston Quah and K C Tan (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

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