Economics and Environment Network Research Strengths: 1998 to 2002

The Economics and Environment Network (EEN) at the Australian National University promotes collaboration, integration, innovation, learning and research in environmental, ecological and resource economics.

Research in EEN is strongest in the following subject areas:

  • Environmental valuation
  • Resource economics (particularly forestry, fisheries, and water resources)
  • Climate change
  • Pollution control
  • Natural resource management
  • Ecological Economics (particularly sustainable development)

Indices of research strength in environmental, resource and ecological economics given below include refereed publications (books, chapters in books and journals), EEN working papers and research grants earned. EEN members have also published in non-economic and non-management areas of the environment (such as environmental history) and non-environmental areas of economics (such as macroeconomics), but these publications are not included. In addition, EEN members have working papers in other locations than the EEN web site. All details pertain to the five-year period 1998-2002.

A summary of the research output of EEN members is in this table:

Books Chapters in books Articles EEN Working Papers Research grants
No. $'000 value
10 64 122 28 45 4,390

Further details of EEN research output during 1998-2002 can be downloaded here.

Research output during 2002-7 can be seen from recent EEN Working Papers. Since late 2007, working papers have been located in the ANU's Environmental Economics Research Hub Research Reports series.


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